Perma banned for doing crypo glitch and this was 900 days ago

Black Ops 3 PC

So i was just think about all my bans and i was think if i could get my cod banned removed as i wasnt cheating beacuse theres proof if they check my stats as they where trash and all i did was a crypto glitch method and i did abuse it but i didnt ruin people fun by aimboting and esping and i saw on the webiste of bo3 this one that glitching is a  temporarily suspended and i was perma banned the next day please i just want to play this good cod that i used to be good at and please go thru my ban propperly as i strongly disagree with this perma ban. This perman ban has been following me for nearly 1000 days please i just want this removed as i never cheated.

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You said "i did a crypo glitch" then below said "i never cheat" Nethertheless, all bans are investigated thoroughly by the enforcement team.


No ambassador nor the support team can provide insight into enforcement bans and as such all bans are valid and stay as imposed.


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