Black Ops 3 PC

I've been complaining about lag since day one! To the point that other players got annoyed…….

In a desperate attempt to fix my lag problem I changed my setting of the MTU to 1478 and it seems to help, maybe it’s just a fluke?

Give it a try! It worked for me and  if it does not help you can always change it back to default at "1500"

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And why do you think this works??

More than likely what happened is that you simply played a better game or connected to a server that had better connectivity.

But if it makes you play better, keep it set at 1478.

Sci Borg

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If it makes you feel better, keep it that way. But it's just a placebo.

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And if one day if you ever wonder why is your download bandwidth seems not to be at it's peak or rated bandwidth as specified by your internet service provider, think of what you did to your MTU.

Remember, it's not the fault of your internet service provider if you set the limit.

You'll only need to set your MTU if your are using ADSL where you set the maximum to 1492. For Fiber Optic and Ethernet, you set to 1500.

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I am curious now if reducing the MTU also stops Nagle's Algorithm from working. That can help very slightly with lag and latency. Many things, can, but not usually MTU

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