No valid DX11 video card found.


Black Ops 3 PC


So how do you fix it

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Yes, my video card don't support DX11 and I can't play anymore the Beta. I will try on PC.

Thanks for help guys, you can close the topic.

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I had this problem when i first downloaded the game.

Im running this on my laptop which has an i7 2670 processor 8gb ram and a radeon 6790m 1gb graphics card.

When i first launched got the error message and though after reading thought it was due to my other graphics and had to make it switch the other one. I'm running windows 10 so had I downloaded the latest windows 10 drivers from the radeon website restarted laptop and was all good.

May not apply for some but may to others.

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maby anti virus that was what my problem ended up being

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I had the same error. The solution was to install windows service pack 1 for win7 64bit.

Lg Alex

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if you have nvidia revert your driver to 352.86. this is a temporary solution untill a fix comes out. worked for me at least

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I had the same problem.

here is the answer,

GeForce Experience Tweaks your Game Settings Automatically | GeForce

download this and install latest drivers

then you will be able to play without errors

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