I've been banned, I was playing solo, and didn't cheat. Please help.

Black Ops 3 PC

That is the problem with cheating programs. Some of them are unstable. Many people claim this on Steam but for them, the ban still wasn't lifted. Honestly, you'd be best to uninstall all the cheating software(s) and maybe reinstall OS too. Then create anther account and buy it again. Except now, don't EVER install a cheating program on your computer. Even if it's for another game.

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Just so everyone is clear. This is my five cents worth.

I am a 60-year-old gamer, just about to buy a brand new kick-butt desktop to replace my ark.

This is the first time I have played COD Black Ops 3 and NEVER, in any game, have I ever played Multiplayer. Just don't enjoy it

This is the FIRST ban I have received in all my years of gaming.

I have 187 games in my Steam Library alone and 90% are FPS, Single Player.

I always use trainers, as this is how I enjoy playing my games, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I never offend or hurt any fellow gamers because I only cross paths with them in Forums like this.

If this Developer wishes to lose my business then so be it there is very little I can do. From all the other forums, I am very unlikely to get this ban lifted.

Anyway, thanks for listening and "Keep Gamin"

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Hey there.

All bans are final and cannot be discussed or reversed.


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As I said; So Be it.

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