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"Official" Band Hero Wii Friend Code Thread

Band Hero

You can also add me. I'm from Germany.

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you know you can just do matchmaking and find ppl to play with?

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xxtacticalbobxx wrote:


you know you can just do matchmaking and find ppl to play with?

Yes, but when we're looking for a few expert players, matchmaking is useless for Career mode.

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Hello code is in sig..

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if you're looking for a specific kind of players (i.e. only expert mode), please specify!!!

this will save time for everybody, the easy/medium who adds and the expert who's uselessly added.

and btw, I'm looking 4 a drummer 2 play with me!!!

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Well I can play drums on medium/hard

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I always thought games like these hve their own Friend Codes, instead of using the Wii Codes. xD

Anyway, my Wii/Friend Code is 8521-1676-1572-6992 and I am an Australian Player.

Hopefully you know what region that goes into.

I can play all instruments on expert.

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Well, I Know I've already posted here... But I forgot one important thing

My wii friend code: 4444 0238 8117 9668


Expert Guitar

Medium Vocals

PM if you want to finish the career mode

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Hi my friend code is 2894-7143-2066-9565

Im from UK

Pm me if you add me please

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