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"Official" Band Hero Wii Friend Code Thread

Band Hero


Well you know what to do. Post your Wii Code on this thread and then I will add your name onto this post. Make sure when you add someone to notify them so they can add you back. Have fun rocking out on Band Hero! Also if you can, post which country you're from since we have a stupid barrier.

Band Hero Codes:

PAL Region (Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Western Europe)

3920-3390-8916-6288 [b:3nvnl71p]Netherlands

[url=]Hiro 8710-3054-9328-6819 [b:3nvnl71p]USA (PAL and NTSC Wii)

Angel Eyes 3619-5415-5789-5092 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

8735-3710-9019-8197 [b:3nvnl71p]Spain

[url=]artfultodger 4283-7120-7931-4799 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

2375-5633-6995-4969 [b:3nvnl71p]Netherlands

[url=]TimurY 7463-4138-4107-1989 [b:3nvnl71p]Germany

8063- 6483-7209-6699 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

[url=]jBrown95 7940-8080-1244-2252 [b:3nvnl71p]Aussie


[b:3nvnl71p][url=]vulpixx 4978-5320-2422-5600

[b:3nvnl71p] 2896-2432-9547-2249 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

[url=]Dirtydean 3729-4760-7770-2002 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

3263-2992-8723-3777 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

[url=]krystal981 5973-4338-1801-1001 [b:3nvnl71p]Italy

5945-6416-2147-3915 [b:3nvnl71p]Australia

[url=]Blakus2691 8521-1676-1572-6992 [b:3nvnl71p]Australia


[b:3nvnl71p][url=]buan123 2894-7143-2066-9565 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

7406-2333-3082-3081 [b:3nvnl71p]Australia

[url=]fallenfairy 0731-8514-6848-0353 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

2681-4997-6246-1688 [b:3nvnl71p]Austria

[url=]plodric 4518-6532-6640-6986 [b:3nvnl71p]UK


[b:3nvnl71p][url=]rjbr2K 1586-1585-8156-4708 [b:3nvnl71p]UK


[b:3nvnl71p][url=]soulmade 2953-4517-5650-6854

[b:3nvnl71p] 5631-1265-3512-6816 [b:3nvnl71p]UK

[url=]zoidar 4846-3180-6629-4286 [b:3nvnl71p]Philppines

2186-5719-2403-3137 [b:3nvnl71p]Denmark

[url=]caghkan 3933-7683-7809-4495 [b:3nvnl71p]Turkey

NTSC Region (Japan, North America, South America, South Korea)

5057-5888-1615-8428 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

[url=]MachDialUp 5079- 0829-8007-4931 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

8710-3054-9328-6819 [b:3nvnl71p]USA (PAL and NTSC Wii)

[url=]crimson star 0108-7122-1246-6230 [b:3nvnl71p]North America

6069-2613-8345-5886 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

[url=]talanhugh 4988-2170-4127-2390 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

4846-1427-4434-8359 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

[url=]maltes 7587-4582-3436-5184 [b:3nvnl71p]Columbia (South America)

3113-2354-1161-1626 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

[url=]quellor 0346-1259-4139-5225 [b:3nvnl71p]Canada

4223-7907-0893-6598 [b:3nvnl71p]Mexico

[url=]1m4g1ne 1843-3102-1896-8655 [b:3nvnl71p]USA


[b:3nvnl71p][url=]speakerwire 3261-0783-8646-2688 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

6478-1345-1894-3704 [b:3nvnl71p]Philippines

[url=]darkdrupi 0822-4201-1493-9621 [b:3nvnl71p]Panamá

8642-1296-3189-0262 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

[url=]daricelewis25 0490-5662-4567-4782 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

8568-0801-0065-9035 [b:3nvnl71p]Mexico

[url=]musicmonkey 3440-9065-1962-8503 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

0696-5464-3464-8991 [b:3nvnl71p]Mexico

[url=]daphnie 5367-9906-9962-5297 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

6846-3535-7444-8931 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

[url=]madelish87 6654-4976-8733-0364 [b:3nvnl71p]USA


[b:3nvnl71p][url=]blazedgamer420 6182-9859-7697-6185

[b:3nvnl71p] 1366-2150-5116-0317

[b:3nvnl71p][url=]bluedogs2010 7687-9266-4629-2060 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

8143-0694-6440-9204 [b:3nvnl71p]Canada

[url=]xxqueenessyxx 2618-4621-5845-4469 [b:3nvnl71p]USA

Other (Still need to post area located)

[b:3nvnl71p] 4133-9899-2208-9737

[b:3nvnl71p][url=]roboducky345 3387-0870-5626-8887

[b:3nvnl71p] 4444-0238-8117-9668

[b:3nvnl71p][url=]Doomsmythe 0015-5922-5478-3084

[b:3nvnl71p] 5303-9921-6374-1522

[b:3nvnl71p][url=]silversunpickups 4673-7133-6347-2915

[b:3nvnl71p] 6715-7104-6711-6633

[b:3nvnl71p][url=]crazymec 1298-0503-9692-1649

[b:3nvnl71p] 1858-9956-7439-8653

[b:3nvnl71p][url=]baxter100110 3460-7029-2994-4565

Links will lead you to PM them.

To add friends to your Wii Console follow these steps:

1.) Go to the Wii Main Menu (The screen you see after you hit the A button after turning on the wii)

2.) Click the 'Wii Message Board' image located in the bottom right of the screen (looks like a mail envelope)

3.) From the 'Wii Message Board' click 'Create Message' on the left bottom side (looks like a sticky note with a pencil, 2nd image)

4.) From the 'Create Message' screen click on the far right (3rd image) 'Address Book' (It has 2 smiley faces on it.)

5.) In 'Address Book' you will see 'This Console's Wii Number' this is YOUR wii console number (used to give to others so they can add you as a friend on their wii system)

NOTE*: Both people have to add the other person to their wii in order to be friends, not just one person.

6.) In 'Address Book' click 'Register' (bottom right) and then select 'Wii'. After you select wii it will ask you to input the other person's Wii Console Number. You input their console number they have gave you and then go through the rest of the steps. Once completed you will have added them to your 'Address Book' (you are now able to play with them on games that use the Wii Console Number).

Thanks for Hiro for typing these instructions

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There's not really a point of this seeing as the fc is your normal Wii FC, and there's already a GH5 thread w/ FC's.

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yeah but then how are you supposed to know who owns the game? i mean i can take down the code part and just list names but then you have to go all the way to the gh5 section, scroll through all those names, just so you can find the code to add.

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Yep, we need a dedicated one in this forum too. Thanks for starting it up!

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Wii FC in my sig, so add meh!

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My code: 5079 0829 8007 4931

USA/West Coast time.

I'm a medium bassist/guitarist and very horrible drummer/vocalist (seriously, seriously horrible.)

If you've played with me on either 5 or BH my online name there is "SteffyAndCo."

Just message me if you added me.

(Small notes: if I don't accept your in-game invite it's because it's not actually me playing at the time, and second I use a lot of characters so don't be surprised if my character is a guy one day and a girl next!)

[edit] Sweet, I'm on the list! Thanks man. Smiley Very Happy

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MachDialUp wrote:


[edit] Sweet, I'm on the list! Thanks man.

np, im on about 5 times a day so ill update as fast as i can

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Add me to your WII list : 3920 3390 8916 6288

Location : Netherlands

Instrument : Drums hard/expert, guitar medium, bass medium/hard

Games : GH:WT, GH5, BH

I do have 2 guitars but I rarely play on them. Drums FTW =)

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My wii code is: 8710 3054 9328 6819

I like to play for fun. If you add me please PM me so I know, thanks! ^-^

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If the region locking is still present for the online modes would it be possible to separate people by where they are from for simplicity?

EDIT: By the way my Wii Friend Code is in my signature, if you could please add me as well.

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