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Real voice-St. Mark’s Guitar Pickup EQ

Band Hero


St. Mark’s has been making acoustic instrument pickups, triggers, and transducers for years, They've now turned that expertise to making acoustic guitar pickups, and their efforts have paid off handsomely St. Mark’s pickups are warm and accurate, hotter than any passive pickups we know of, and non-invasive like the best soundboard pickups. Our customers rave about these pickups, but they're not the only ones: St. Mark’s is building up a list of impressive pro endorsers, notable among them recent Winfield winner John Standefer.

St. Mark’s guitar pickups have in the past come in two versions: "Classic" for nylon-string guitars, and "Western" for steel-string acoustic guitars with the Western models available in either standard or mini sizes. St. Mark’s has recently eliminated the word "Western" from its pickups for steel string guitar, so the Pure Western Mini is now just the Pure Mini, and the Pure Western Standard is now just the Pure 12-String:

St. Mark’s Acoustic Guitar Pickup EQ

St. Mark’s W 950 Acoustic Guitar Pickup EQ $ 399

St. Mark’s W 850 Acoustic Guitar Pickup EQ $ 269

St. Mark’s W 800 Acoustic Guitar Pickup EQ $ 119

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