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Newbie Questions on Guitar Options etc.

Band Hero

I am trying to learn about all of the options with the Band Hero Wii software and my Guitars/Drums etc. from Guitar Hero that I just purchased and started using today.

The booklet that comes with Band Hero does not provide a good explanation on all of the options that you can use with this software.

As an example: To set up the guitar the following options are listed on screen:

Everybody Plays

Difficulty Easy

Instrument Guitar

Rocker Quincy


What do these options mean?

Is there a PDF/FAQ/YouTube video that explains this?


Also, as a different question, if I just want to play the Drums (Wii control #2). Do I need to disconnect Guitar on WII controller #1? or is there a setting or menu item that would help here??


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I don't have band hero, so I don't really know what everybody plays is.

Difficulty is the setting at how difficult you want the songs to be

Then Instrument is which player is playing with what (I'm sure it will do that automatically if you have everything plugged in).

For the rocker, you just get to choose what you're character is when they're playing in the background.

Again, I don't have band hero so I may be wrong but this is what it is for GH.

You don't need to unplug your guitar to play the drums. When you go to play, it'll ask you to join and you just click the green button to join and whoever you're playing with can do the same thing, but if you're playing by yourself then just click the green one and you just continue from there.

Hope that helps.

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Does anyone else have any additional clarifications on the Band Hero software options?


When my guitar and drums are plugged, how do I have it so the guitar will not work and only the drums work?


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Pretty new to it myself , but as i understand it the first person to press green(or tap green drum) gets the everybody plays option.

When everybody who is going to join the band has entered, whoever has the everybody plays option hits green again to start.

To play drums only tap green drum to get the menu then scroll through the menu to choose dfficulty level and which character you wish to be, then scroll back till everybody plays is highlighted and tap green again

Hope this helps

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