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My Band Hero it's broken?

Band Hero

Hi, I am Daxter, and I think my Band Hero it's broken...Well it starts when I buyed the all-pack Band Hero, so Guitar,MIcrophone,Drums and the game, it was awesome, I played for like 4 mouths and then I just place the game in my desk and I never played, but one day I was trying to play the game but my console crashs when the game was loading the mainpage, I was like what it's going on, and I tryed again, and again and again, I clean up the game and nothing, I delete the save files and nothing, the same black screen ever!!I was thinking the game as crashed, so I go buyed a new one, and then when I come back, it does the same thing!It crashes, again and again and again...Then I saw a thing, everytime I tryed, goes pretty good, makes the intro, and image saying Band Hero, but when it's loading the mainpage crashes and turn to black window, I think it was thinking, and so I wait like 2 hours and nothing, when I get closely to my Televison, I see it actually crashes, so now I got a drumb, a microphone, a guitar and 2 games, but I can't play them, can someone help me?

PS.: This is my first calling help.Sorry about my english.

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Registered: ‎15-08-2014

looks like there's a problem with your console. try to see if you can get it repaired or considering purchasing another one.

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