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Lost access to Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Band Hero


Hello All!

I'm pissed man!  

I purchased a legitimate download code for Ghost Recon Wild Lands, however when I transfered info./ games and data to a new XBOX ONE S.  The thing is, the game shows up on my game roster and in the Xbox Store, saying that I own a copy of this title and to proceed with the download.  When I click on INSTALL/ DOWNLOAD, nothing goes.  WTF?

Now this is a true situation, however the title could apply to any Activision title O.K.!

Just wanted to get this straight, so the lawyers aren't blowing up my phone.  LMAO.

The whole F****** point is that, nor Xbox Store will take any responsibility to help restore the game.

This is so lame.

I'm posting this on all the social media crap that I can find, just to drag these entities through the mud!  These dudes really blow!

So be forewarned y'all!


Mark "TATTOO" Steele

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Registered: ‎24-02-2016
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