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Look for advanced Wii Band Hero guitartists

Band Hero

When I was reviewing my challenges for Band Hero, I forgot to do the last one, called "You are a Band Hero superstar". I am aiming to get any kind of album on it, even if it's gold. But to do so, we need to score at least 2 million points. I believe this can be if I can at least have 2 other guitars, playing either on hard or expert Free Bird (the Smash Hits import). So I'm looking for 2 other people who...

-Play Band Hero on the Wii

-Have imported Smash Hits onto Band Hero

-Can play Hard or Expert on Guitar

If you can, just PM me your Wii Friends Code and we'll work out a time to do this (I am EST).

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Registered: ‎07-01-2010

Hey count me in, I'm expert but theres a better song I think which if everyone is good (4 guitars) you can get 22 mill. Take A Picture by Filter. Video link:
. I also have a friend or maybe 2 (Sporky, IAmTheDJD) which might help out.

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