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Many bugs in Angry Birds Trilogy PSVita

Angry Birds


We are many players who have several problems in Angry Birds Trilogy PSVita. Some levels are nearly impossible.

There are a lot of differences between iOS versions and PSVita versions, and these differences make some levels impossible to success. In the Seasons Winter Wonderham level 7, the way to have 3 stars on iOS, using TNT, is just impossible to do. 3 tries or less on iOS for having 3 stars, and 500 tries or more on PSVita, can't have the 3 stars ! Another player have success with a lot of luck... after 1000 tries !!!

As some people have said on the community, there is others problems with Mighty Eagle which block the 100 %.

It appears really necessary to patch the game ! 39,99 € for the European version, it's really expensive, but some people like me decided to pay for having this trilogy on PSVita, but the game MUST be cleared of all these bugs.

Thank you for your answer and help for fix all these problems with a welcome patch.


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Registered: ‎11-02-2014
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