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Angry Birds

ik heb een ontgrendelcode nodig voor mijn zoons ds. moet ik een nummer bellen die in de handleiding staat maar die is niet voor in de eu landen dus moest ik hiernaartoe maar ook hier word ik er geen wijs uit. HELP

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in reply to arendina

Hi Arendina,

Apologies for the delay with responded to your post.  Although our Support channel is in English, we'll do our best to convey our assistance to you.

Can you please specify which Angry Birds game you have purchased and which unlock code you are referring to?  Also state the purchase date of the game and the retailer from which you made the purchase.

Thanks ^AH

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in reply to _KidA_

Hello, is there are plans to fix the issues on this game on PSVita? Any upcoming update? E.g. it is impossible to obtain 100% mighty eagle score on some levels like Mine and Dine lvl 15-3. There are differences between this game on PSVita and other platforms: stalactites doesn\'t fall after using Mighty Eagle (on any other platforms they fall down) so you can\'t get 100% on Vita

For some reason i can't start new discussion.

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