Mw3 on PS3 cant find any games

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Hi, for the past week since about march 3rd 2018 I can't find any games for MW3 on PS3. It connects to the network, and to the online services but then can't find games, it just keeps searching for hours. But the map shows that people are playing however it seems it doesn't create any games. Why?

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Sorry mate, not an answer, just the same question. Cant find anything about it anywhere. Gutted, its the only game I play, all the later ones are s**t.

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Any update ? I’m dying over here and want to play but can’t find any available games . Just keep searching and searching ! I don’t want to get a ps4 and play the new ones 

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I've never had a problem searching for games but I just got this today... Have you been able to find games?

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