Gold Edition of Advanced Warfare (PS3) Code Not Working

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So I bought the Gold Edition of Advanced Warfare for my PS3 the other day and was excited about the content that I would get for having the Gold Edition, yet when I try to redeem it either through the game or simply through the PS Store it says its invalid. This shouldn't be happening no matter how old the game is since it's content linked to a more expensive version of the game. I read a post earlier that had the same problems yet the "Solution" from the so-called "support team" was simply another question asking what content the code was for and if it showed invalid or not on the first try. It was then marked as the solution and the thread has been marked as answered with many customers having the same problems as the OP. This is a really poor representation of the support team and Call of Duty in general. I hope that this can be fixed. Thank you. (And yes I know that the post referenced is 2 years old, I just want my game content)

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