Unreal Duty or Call of Tournament?

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Good day

Apart from the silly name suggestions above, please hear me out:

I grew up with Unreal Tournament 99, Quake and Unreal Tournament 2004 on PC. 

Never much liked FPS games on console. So I have been ignoring COD on console for some time.

However, for some reason I only recently discovered that the console versions of COD has bot support.

Coming from a love for UT and playing against bots and over LAN (never had internet when I was younger) I was intrigued.

I was also knocked off my chair to discover how impressive the bot play is on the console versions of COD. 

How good they are, their teamwork, the wide variety of game modes they can handle.

So my wild fantasy is essentially be caught in the title: I would love to see a UT version of COD for consoles.

Before you object...hear me out:

1. Many of the latest COD's have been bringing in a separate game mode or way to introduce new players to the online play of COD.  This could be another way of doing so.

2. They would in no way be detracting from the appeal of newer COD games:

2.1 There will be no single player campaign.

2.2 They can remove the perk and kill streak systems if they like.

2.3 They can even remove many of the gun customization and guns themselves.  Leaving only a few basic guns in each class to play with.

2.4 They can still focus online competitive play on the latest COD titles only.

3. It will not require a big investment to make:

3.1 They do not have to design new gameplay.  Deathmatch, Free for all, Domination, Search and Destroy, Gun game, Blitz, Reinforce...they already have 24 different game modes to simply put in the game.

3.2. They don't have to make new maps.  Between all the games they already have over 120 maps! Almost all of these game modes can function on any of these maps.

About the only thing I can see they would really need to do is

1. Add a recommended bot amount for maps (like UT2004 has where it automatically loads an appropriate amount of bots depending on the map size)

2. Add map cycling/rotation.

This, for me...would quite frankly be the ultimate FPS experience on console.

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