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tester02 wrote:


Congrats, is it a boy or girl?

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I downloaded the beta yesterday and i'm still a bit undecided if i like the game or not...

The beta seems to have a lot of content in it, it looks nice and runs smooth, so the final release will probably have almost an endless amount of stuff to do it, and may run even better if it will be 60fps. However, the feel of controlling your character is still not as good as it is in CoD, which is basically the same "problem" i have in any other FPS that isn't CoD. It just feels slightly off, and it's probably amplified a bit since i like to use a high sensitivity and move around quickly when i'm playing shooters.

The whole social (co-op) aspect of the game and how the single player and the unlocks you get carry over to the MP is in a way a nice idea and it gives you a reason to grind the missions, but at the same time i feel like it makes the multiplayer unbalanced. There supposedly is a system that balances the weapons within any given lobby, but it still feels like the guy who found the stronger guns can easily dominate and drop you a lot faster than you can drop him. The time to kill with many guns is too long to my liking, while there seem to be some other weapons that drop you almost instantly that i haven't unlocked yet. There should be variety in weapons and armor, but in my opinion it shouldn't be to the extent that you find it very hard to even compete with the weaker ones.

Many people don't seem to like all the jumping around that's going on, if you prefer the slightly more realistic character movement CoD has offered in the past this will probably bother you a bit, but since we are going to get something similar in next CoD too i guess we all just have to get used to it or play something else.

If you like free roaming and doing missions, Destiny will probably be a great game for you. If you prefer the multiplayer in FPS games like i do, i'm still not entirely convinced whether i like the game or not, i have to put some more hours into it today.

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So with the beta opened to everyone I really considered downloading it, but then I decided to play ghosts instead. I almost fell off my seat laughing when I saw a total of 19k online, then I went to invasion hc objective with a total of 313 players. I got tossed into lobbies from across the oceans (UK first and then Aussies). It was horrible game play, but the conversations were way better. Looks like COD is definitely suffering from the Destiny challenge.

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I gave the Destiny Beta a try, I liked it. It scratch an itch that needed scratching for months now. Anyone else went to the Moon?

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Shadowelite555 wrote:

I gave the Destiny Beta a try, I liked it. It scratch an itch that needed scratching for months now. Anyone else went to the Moon?

I had to work

Dammit Christopher Cross...

But I hear it was a lot of fun. Bungie really shafted a lot of players by hyping up the special event only to open it for just a couple hours. It is a BETA and they don't really owe me anything, but had obligations that exempted me from it and I'm a little bummed about it.

67755c4b65441565579731f3f5688668, Call of Duty prides itself of the fluid movements. You'll find it very hard to find a game that has spent more time and money on matching the smoothness that Call of Duty has. I remember back with MW3 they said their biggest goal was to make the most realistic feeling movement possible and that's why they've worked so hard to bring 60fps to every Call of Duty since MW2 (I believe that was the first). Destiny feels really good and I think a lot of people don't understand this, but the lack of turning while you're running is intentional. You don't see guys sprinting in one direction slinging themselves to the left and right with easy, you'll fall and bust your face or do what that guy in World War Z did and fall on your gun shooting yourself in the face.

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Ok, my final Thoughts.

*Disclaimer- I only had a few hours into the game, and I know I didn't get the full experience. My review is not meant to be negative, and if anyone with more experience can counter my points please do. Yes I KNOW it was  Beta, not the full game, so keep that in mind as well.

So after my initial review, I got a little more time in Friday before work, unfortunately I didn't get to play this weekend at all.

After more game time, my concerns about the game started to grow. First off, let me address the Multiplayer.

The Crucible was, in my opinion, terrible, almost to the point of being laughable. It was basically everything I hated about Halo MP multiplied by 10. You get, of course, your Insane Jumps, people bouncing around the board like rabbits on crack.  The maps were unspectacular. Anyone who thinks Ghosts TTK is bad, wait till you see this. On several occasions, as soon as I saw someone on my screen I was dead. You get no warning of "grenades" or orbs of light or whatever they are, so on some occasions when I was in cover, I would just drop dead with no warning or indicator.

My biggest issue with the MP was that higher levels had a real advantage, and certain guns and unlockables did as well. I can understand them being diverse in SP, you are supposed to level up to have a better chance of progressing... but it makes little sense to me in MP, where weapons should be diverse and unique, but skill should be the determining factor... not what toys you have equipped. I entered the Crucible shortly after Level 5 when it unlocks...and it was immediately clear my loadout was holding me back. Had several occasions when I would get shots on an enemy who was facing away only to have them turn and blast me with their superior weapon. The pattern held, and I noticed certain weapons consistently killing me. I just didn't feel it was a game of skill and strategy, just the typical Halo nonsense CoD players like myself have come to loath.

Perhaps it was the game mode, as I typically am not much a Domination fan anyways (Control is pretty much domination with some minor twists). When they have TDM variants perhaps I would enjoy it more... but my experience was not a positive one and I didn't enjoy anything about it.

I still liked the exploratory nature of the game. Had a friend join me for my last few minutes in the game on my "Fire Team", and thought that was a cool ability to have... to party up like that and take on the challenges together. I am sure there are elements of that I didn't get to explore. But that was pretty cool.

My concerns about the game started to grow, however, as I moved through the missions, which kind of just dried up upon unlocking the Crucible. In fact... much of the game suddenly seemed to center around the Crucible at that point... which I didn't much appreciate. I know they added Moon missions on Saturday, but I just felt kind of stuck at that point (it may have been the limitations of the Beta).

My greatest concern, however, was that the game started to feel a bit repetitive to me. The missions really didn't involve much thought, logic, or strategy. It pretty much involved following your "Ghost" to wherever he directed you, then facing waves of bad guys through very similar looking caves, pathways, or other subterranean structures(There were a few that were outside, but not many).  I like the shooting action... but it seems a game like that should offer more... not just increasingly difficult  AI enemies on repetitive missions. When you finally got to your Objective... the Ghost did all the work while you just fended off more waves of enemies. No puzzles, not even having to figure out a pattern of switches. Was hoping for even simple challenges like Half Life 2, but none came. Even the side missions were repetitive. You have to harvest or pick up something.. but the way you do it is to roam around and kill waves of bad guys and pick up the glowing crap they leave lying around. Not really compelling.

Maybe the final game will have more Challenging missions involving thought rather than just sheer, brute force... but the Beta didn't. Seems like they missed a chance here if they didn't incorporate some of this into the game. Remember Link? Open world gameplay with lots of battles, but you also had to figure things out and solve puzzles as you explored.

Destiny experts and folks with more experience, help me out here. Did I miss something? Did you feel the same way? Have you read anything to make you believe the final version will be any different?

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I hate to say it but you pretty much hit the nail on the head.  I played Destiny's Beta for several days just so that I could get a good feel for the game.  The MP is unbalanced garbage.  The only weapon that isn't capable of an instakill (literally) in MP is your primary.  Players have armor and health.  So you can spend literally 3 to 4 seconds working down both of those on an enemy only to have them push one button and kill you on the spot.  They didn't even have to get a kill to use that button either.  All they had to do was be in the match long enough for it to recharge if they've already used it once.  Add to that the power grenades have a lingering affect that last for several seconds and have a large radius that can cover just about an entire flag capture point and you've pretty much given whatever team gets the flag first all the advantage that they need to win the match.  I really wanted to like the MP but it just sucks.  Oh and btw yes the MP does suffer from lag just like COD.

The campaign is the saving grace of this title.  It is pretty cool but it is repetitive just like every other campaign.  Some of the missions can easily take an hour to complete and you have a free roam option that has a variety of simple challenges that you can do anytime as well as some public events which will push you pretty hard.  The biggest problem though is that after a few times through you need some fresh missions to keep you interested.  I explored the heck out of the Moon while it was available and that was actually more fun than the first mission.  So it has some promise but it too would eventually grow stale.  I'm still undecided on whether or not to purchase the game.  I like that it's a solid casual diversion from COD but what keeps me coming back to COD every year is the challenge.  Destiny has some fierce fights but I wouldn't call it challenging.  It's a very scripted game.  For me to purchase it, I'd need to see a whole lot of worlds available to explore upon release.  Two to three worlds wouldn't be worth my $60.  However, if they get it up to 6 to 10 worlds then I would have a hard time not picking it up.

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nicedrewishfela wrote:

I just didn't feel it was a game of skill and strategy, just the typical Halo nonsense CoD players like myself have come to loath.

Pretty much sums it up.

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The only thing I was really disappointed with (I knew I wouldn't like the Crucible because I wasn't a huge fan of Halo) was the lack of distinction between classes, races, weapons, and armor. I think being the BETA there was a lot of shallowness to the game and the fact that we could only level up to 8 there's not much depth in the "starter" gear. I'm hoping that by the game's release they'll go in and fully unlock all the tricks and gimmicks to make the game a little more complicated in terms of what to equip and what not to equip. Right now there's no reason why I should pick bc61da2b5cf21a4dceb1384bb5f8ace7's Hunter over ffd771f2d61993155db9955690dda9ed's Titan

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