Should Call of Duty make a new WWII game?

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Should IW, Treyarch, or Sledgehammer create a new WWII game?

In my opinion, World at War was one of the best CoD's ever made. Until the hackers took over of course. But that is my own opinion.

If one of these developers were to make a new WWII CoD, I would believe it would be the best WWII game on the market both visually and historically.

Any comments about a possible new WWII game?

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Actually, I watched Saving Private Ryan the other night just randomly and it reminded me of the classic Call of Duty's and Medal of Honor games that I used to love many years ago.

Going back to the World Wars, sadly, faces its criticism from the community, but I wholeheartedly agree that they should revisit it. I mean, they have 3 teams working on CoD now, surely it couldn't hurt to have one release a nostalgia filled journey of all those days when World War games were the top of the line video games.

I want a WW game were every death matters, maybe a completely revamped Multiplayer, and a campaign where I truly care for my actions, not just run through with, although memorable, pretty cheesy characters from the last games. I don't know why, but when I think of a World War game it's all about the ambience, the loss of war, sneaking behind enemy lines or gunning through. I want it to be brutal, bloody, to be full of consequences for my actions, to really make me feel for the character I am playing, not just some avatar body that get's barked at with orders.

Don't get me wrong, WaW was great, but I don't think it nailed that feeling, I'm willing to give one of the teams another chance.

Otherwise, before we know it, CoD will be set in space against alien invasions .

Let's get back to the old roots.

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simple answer YES

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Yeah, why not?  CoD, UO, CoD2, W@W, MoHA, MoHAA, MoHS, MoHBT were all nice ww2 games that I played.  I'm a story guy.  If they can find some WW2 angles for a fresh campaign that haven't been explored already, I'd be down for that.  There was also a suggestion about Vietnam.  That would work for me too.

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I was thinking the same although agreed community outcry over copy paste been there done that may be reasons not to from a growth strategy perspective. It's like the hardcore, underground rapper gone may lose respect from the die hards but you're getting mainstream money/market share. How do you go back?

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For me, WWII has really been played out

I woudl prefer to see Vietnam.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I guess they could. I like some of the ww2 ones, modern warfares, black ops 1 and 2, I think ghosts is ok by me, but it would be cool to see a new ww2 because I missed out on world at war before hackers took it over.

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Yes its been long enough since I played a decent WW2 shooter.

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Love me some WWII games but I would prefer to see something a little more modern - say the Gulf War or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Heck even the current conflicts would be a fantastic preface for a modern COD storyline. 

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Play Modern Warfare?

I'm kidding.

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