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I've been trying to change my user name on this site its seems it cant be done. I was told "if your nice towards admin they would" so mr admin can i have my user name change to DxG DARKSIDE on the fourms? thank u and if this is posted in the wrong section i apologize

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This isn't possible, unfortunately. Please tell whoever told you that if you're nice to the admins you'll get a name change that it's actually not possible due to a number of technical hurdles that are in the way. I'd love to change my name and change your name for you too, but we can't.

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I had the opposite problem. I changed my email and password and a technical issue caused me to lose posting privileges. Therefore had to make a new account with new username. Not a big deal since the entire point system changed a month later.

Unfortunately my Xbox Live account is associated with the old profile and I'm scared to make changes now.

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