I want to switch my PS4 Advanced Warfare purchased disk to a digital copy. What are the steps I need to take?

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Greetings everyone!

This is my first post here so I am looking for some help. I have a PS4. I bought Advanced warfare first day edition on disk. I then went online and purchased the Season Pass a bunch of DLC packs etc for the game. I also have about 200 items in my Armory that I earned or bought via supply drops.

I want to switch to digital so I don't have to carry the disk around with me when I travel or worry about them getting scratched by my kids etc.

**Please lets not start a debate about whats better**

What steps do I need to take to accomplish this????

Can I just delete my current game via the options button from the home screen?

What digital version do I need to download?

Do I just need the standard digital download version since I bought all the other items Season Pass etc from the online store?

I am assuming once I get the standard digital edition installed I can go back to the store with my ID and download the Season Pass, Maps, Camos, Exo's etc again.

Thank You everybody for your help!

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