Community Migration 04/20/2016

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Hi Everyone,

We hope this note finds you well. We over here at the Activision offices want to thank you for being a big part of our community, and helping us to maintain a warm and welcoming experience here. Many of you who call these community pages home have been with us since the beginning, and are no longer just simply people in our community, but people we call friends.

Over the last couple of years, we have tried really hard to create a place for our players to come together to speak with other likeminded players, sometimes a whole world apart. We have heard both praise and complaint about our platform, and tried our best to improve things where we can. It has not always been a quick turnaround for things, but I assure you we work very diligently to try to hammer out the kinks when they appear. Unfortunately, it has been slow going on progress there at times.

Because of this, it is with some pleasure that we announce today that we are migrating from our current community platform to a new technology that we think will serve our community better. The community will not be accessible during this migration, which should take about a day. The migration is set to start Wednesday April 20 at 6pm PDT.  It should be back by noon on the 21st. During that time, Jive will be in “read” mode, where you will be able to view content, but not create anything new.

We are super excited about the prospect of all the new functionality we are going to have on our new platform. We hope to see you all back here once the migration is finished, and we commit to making sure this new community blows the old one out of the water.

Eternally yours,

The Activision Community Team

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