ping is sooo bad too the host,please fix match making....STILL

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ping is sooo bad too the host,please fix match ma...

As players flock back to COD with destiny 2's epic ***** up/s i then thought of activision involment in this stupid loot/supply drop/pay to win *****. i bought day zero and after 4 years and 2 master  prestiges i still dont have all the guns,,,AW started all this crap and one game im 4 bar ping slaying then next  game im 1 bar ping shooting first but dying first its bull*****, need to make it a fair playing ground im goin to give overwatch a go.ahhh ***** activision got it's greedy hands in that game too to win is killing the gamer community,,if i grind i should get rewarded,it how its always been screw the shareholders ya pussys make a full game straight up not a half ass then pay more later ***** ..................i aint paying no more for any game that activison is tied to ya customer support sucks the bad lag is blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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