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black ops 4 constantly crashing

Activision Support

System Specs
Ryzen 1700 Ocd 4.0ghz with custom hand-tuned memory timings and etc,
Xfx rx 580 8gb's in Xfire but i have crossfire disabled since BO4 doesnt support Xfire.
16gb of ram 3200mhz. nothing is overheating, everything is literally up to date, ran ccleaner and defraggler , i cant even get a game in with the game constantly crashing and this upsets me alot. i wasted 70$ for the game to crash on me. 
all my OC's are stable 100% Rx 580's are ocd 1500mhz core and 2500mhz memory with custom bios. i barely get a game in before the game crashes and its annoying. is ther eanything else im missing? because i would like to play this game for hours on end but came seem to do that :/ . any help is appreciated ahead of time.

heres my build list from PCPP --> <---- 

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Registered: ‎01-06-2012
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