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This game is a waste of $60 dollars.

Activision Support

This game is a waste of $60 dollars.

Sledgehammer actually had the game working before the decided to implement the winter update. However, I've have not been able to play more than 3 full games since because I get nothing but "Lost Connection to Host" messages. It's not my internet, as I can play any other game with my friends including Destiny, which is a more expansive game. The game has so much potential and now because the company refuses to get dedicated servers and half ass their updates, I'm missing out on the first DLC event. Fix your system, Activision, or Sledgehammer, or Whoever reads this first. I shouldn't have to suffer for your incompetence when it comes to making a legitimate update that won't break the game. Turn off the servers and actually fix your mistake if you have to. This series has continued to spiral down since MW3, get it together so you don't lose any more of your community. 

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Registered: ‎11-12-2017

Re: This game is a waste of $60 dollars.

in reply to TheOGGeezus

Well said I get the same exact thing! I havnt played a full game sense the new winter update has came out! I just missed out on this winter event AND lost my money buy this game!

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