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Save the black ops on the pc

Activision Support


We know that even with a "bad phase" the imprints behind the call of duty profit a lot, but with adjustments in the game could make it possible to stay the games. On the PC new potential users do not buy the game simply because of the difficulty of finding rooms, despite the large number of copies sold.
I leave here my opinions to attract new players

-Blackout free
To pay 35 USD to wait long minutes of queue to find, probably, a match abroad, or to download Fortine for free and always have players to play?
Competition is fierce and mode has great potential. They can exaggerate skins, dances among other things, but competing with a GIANT still charging too expensive will not.

-Multiplayer starterpack
Multiplayer mode up to level 55. No prestige. 10 USD.

That's a great start. The astualizations you know how to do.

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Registered: ‎26-01-2019
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