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New weapon Question - Winter Siege

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New weapon Question - Winter Siege

 I received the GPMG in a winter supply drop and I was totally excited and hyped up until I go to look down the sights. First off, the regular iron sights are so unaligned you might as well just hip fire to hit your target. Now,the iron sights when equipped with armory division and mounting the GPMG as a turret I think they look perfect and that they should be the default iron sights. SECONDLY, after realizing the iron sights were completely useless I said "okay I'll just use the reflex" but low and behold the reticles for the reflex are completely messed up too! If you equip the reflex on the GPMG it still has the default (circle with a dot in the middle) layed over the top of your currently selected reticle. So if you have a higher tier reticle such as the slant or the cross it looks like a circle with a cross through it and a dot in the middle. Can someone please fix this in the next patch? I would very much appreciate it so I can actually destroy people with my beautiful new weapon

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Registered: ‎12-12-2017
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