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Lost Treasures of Infocom on iOS needs 64-bit support

Activision Support

I absolutely refuse to buy an Activision associated game until LT Infocom is updated. 

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Long-time Activision customer, completely disappointed by this treatment of its users. The developer says on Facebook that they're ready and able to update the game, but haven't been contacted by Activision to do so. Since iOS upgrades are not optional, this broke everyone's installation.  Charging the serious $$ they did for all of the DLC, then abandoning customers is the highest sign of disregard. This demonstrates what they think of us.

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I created a profile just to add to this conversation. Come on, Activision. It can't be that much work to update the app. These games are classics and need to be available. Either update it and let me give you money or release them into the public domain. 

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I created an account just for this also.  I just updated to a iPhone 8 from a iPhone 4s and was shocked that LT of Infocom would not install.  I will have to keep my 4s just to finish playing these games.  It would be so much better to play on the larger screen.  I would even be willing to pay again for the 64 bit version.

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It's now been a year since I posted in this forum about the need to recompile LToI. Unfortunately all of the many, many attempts of the community to get Activision's attention have failed - we've had nothing absolutely nothing back. Activision could have had LToI updated at zero cost and risk to them (Code Mystics would do the re-compile and the Community has pledged to cover the cost) but they have chosen to ignore these offers. This is disappointing, to say the very least.


Fortunately there are still solutions such as Frotz for running Infocom games in iOS. Frotz is a 64-bit application and supports many of the modern iPad conveniences such as Split View. While it doesn't have the terrific 3D feelies of LToI, it provides a decent environment for running Zork, Wishbringer, Trinity and all the other wonderful Infocom adventures of the past.


William Hern

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Dear Activision,

aside what the other fans wrote (all true and important), there is the FACT that we all paid for Lost Treasures of Infocom for our iPads and iPhones, paid good money to you: it is your duty to upgrade and let us use the game we paid for !

It’s a shame the way you are keeping our money without letting us play ! Come on !


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Please update this. Its sucks buying games and not being able to play them. With Apple there is no choice not to upgrade iOS. 

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They might listen to a class action lawsuit.  

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I realize there’s virtually no chance of this happening, but I’d like to also ask that you consider updating Lost Treasures of Infocom for IOS? It would be child’s play for your development team to upgrade these text-only, I've been waiting TWO YEARS to finish Enchanter.



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