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I've been double charged and charged yet not received gems in sky landers lost islands

Activision Support

I've been double charged and charged yet not recei...

I've tried to contact support directly and get bounced from page to page with no help at all.


I brought 1 pile  gems for $1.99 and received the 100, yet was charged TWICE as if that was bad enough I then purchased a bucket of gems for $5.49 because their was a special that I get 600 gems for that price, I was charged the $5.49 and yet received NO gems at all, I'd like someone from customer support to contact me via EAGLEACE2003@YAHOO.COM.AU to sort this out, I've contacted iTunes as well to have this matter dealt with.

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Re: I've been double charged and charged yet not r...

in reply to Eagleace

Hi Eagleace, Sorry to hear about the double charge. That's certainly not suppose to happen.  Since the transaction occured through the Itunes store, you have to follow up with Itunes Support about the double charge. Please check your account to see if the second transaction is pending per authorization or has actually posted to the account. If so, you will need to let them know you were charged twice at $1.99.  Regarding the bucket of gems purchase, have you shut down the device and started it up again to see if the gems appeared?  There may have been a slight delay with the account updating.  If the gems have not appeared, you will need to contact Itunes Support regarding the transaction. Please let us know the results.  You can reply here or you can visit our Support website for further assistance Regards ^AH

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