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I need playstation plus to play Black Ops 3? WHAT?!

Activision Support

Why in the world would i need playstation plus to play online multiplayer in this game? Are you serious? I have played Black Ops 2 online multiplayer all day without playstation plus, why do i need it now? Fix this pleas

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Newer games including BO3 need PSN Plus to play online. Says so in it's terms & conditions. Older games, however let you play online.

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My man, you clearly don't know your *****. Ww2 allows you to play online with no ps plus??????????Smiley Sad

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Hey Netherzapdos

Are you playing on PS3? You do not need Playstation Plus to play the game on that system. ^VW

Player Support
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do i need to have playstation plus to play bo3 online in ps4?

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Why would people have to have playstation plus if we just want to play against other people when we already have a psn account makes no sense what so ever even for call of duty ww2

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Why are you requiring ps plus for online? This is complete BS! I've already bought the season pass and the game + extras. You have lost a paying customer forever. Greedy a$$hole$

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Hey there,

Playstation Plus requirements are determined by Playstation.



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So i just want to know: 


Is PS+ required to play campaign co-op splitscreen?? Im almost starting to fear this. Pay for online subscription to pay locally???

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