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How to refund black ops4

Activision Support

How to refund black ops4? i played 1 hour in this game and i want to refund

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Registered: ‎08-12-2018

Same for me ! i just send a ticket to their support because i want to be refunded ! That game, BO4 is a pure disaster about connection . They lied to us because when we playedthe beta, we were happy to have back a real call of duty with  a Tickrate of 60hz ! when the game came out to the market, we could play 1 week until they dropped the tickrate to 20hz !!!!! why ?? to spare bandwith !! this is scandalous !!! the game is unplaybale, lagging, etc ... i don't know how we said in English but this is an "Lie advertise"!!
i'll check with my lawyer if we can build a class action against activision because selling a game at 20 hz when you tested it at 60HZ, this is a Lie !!!

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Registered: ‎23-06-2013
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