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How can I reach the HR of Activision%3F I need a proof I%27ve worked there for my new employer

Activision Support

Hi there, I've worked for Activision Dublin in 2011. Today, for my new job I need the HR of Activision Dublin to fill in a form which specify I've worked there + what kind of tasks I did. Where can I find a correct HR email adress to send them my request? I checked everywhere on the website but I couldn't find anything. Anyone could help me? Cheers
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Hey there, 

I'm afraid that's not something you would be able to find publicly anywhere nor would we be able to provide or find that information. If you previously worked for that office you hopefully have some contact info for the HR you worked with at the time, whether it is email or phone number.

At the worst though, you may be able to find the office directly and call them up assuming you still know where it is. All of that information is not available online though. If you still have any of the original documents they gave you when you were first employed that should help give you some idea of who to contact (assuming they are still there after 8 years).

Anyways, wish I could help some more but best of luck!



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