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What is going on with COD:Ghost for ps3!? It wont connect to the online server... Ive tried rebooting my router, powerforce shut off my ps3... Ive tried everything... & I was just playing on it a few hrs ago & now all of a suddon it says "ERROR: The Call of Duty server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates." Ok, so I did that & still its not telling my anything... Can someone PLZ help me!? 
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Hey there, 

Is this still happening to you? Sounds like a temporary server issue, possibly regional based on your ISP or the servers, since it just started happening after you were previously playing. Seems more than likely too since you reset your network and still were running into the same issues.

However, I'm not seeing anything going on today for Ghosts or PS3. Are you still seeing this? 



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