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Gamer stuttering, looks like frame pacing issues

Activision Support



Decided to trade in a old game then get Spyro as I use to play it as a kid. I only had the Year of The Dragon and the one after that as a kid.


I'm playing this on an Xbox One X at 1080p (supersampling & so on) and while playing controlling Spyro to charge around and also flame enemies and or just general galloping around I see hiccups in performance that I recognise as frame pacing/timing issues which gives the appearance of frame rate drops.


When are you going a release a patch for this?


If you not I'm refunding this and getting something else. A released game should be fully complete, there should be no day one patches, we are giving devs way to much leeway.


We don't care if we have to wait longer even another year as long as its complete.


Fix this please, never give the go ahead to release a buggy game.

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Registered: ‎07-01-2019
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