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Dear Activision/Treyarch,

i have played COD since the beginning and i love the zombies series and i play alot but i am very dissapointed in you latest call of duty BO4 this game sucks when it comes to zombies, it started with all the blue screen (like in every game it popped up) , and now you are trying to fix it but you guys are only making it wors, in particulairy the zombie steps i mean why do we get from the release all kinds of change's in the main easter eggs in BLOD, i mean you have years to make this game, you have a BETA and you guys still changing everything and it makes me very angry, like this afternoon we were playing the Easter Egg off BLOD everything went so smooth, we were with the last step (banjo step) and we kept on dying because you guys just started to change everything like it wasnt already hard enough. So me and my friends just wanne say stop making changes because we spend this whole afternoon for a 3 hours easter egg what has recently has changed, come on Activision/Treyarch me and my friends do love COD and it is one of the things what brought us together so please and i mean this literally: "FIX YOUR GAME!" 


(sorry this all makes me very angry and i needed a way of showing it)

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Registered: ‎10-12-2018
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