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Constantly disconnected from Black Ops 4 servers?

Activision Support

I am disconnected from the Black Ops 4 servers nearly every 20 minutes while playing multiplayer matches, blackout battle royale, and even just while sitting at the main menu waiting for an invite or editing a class. I am on a wired internet connection that has never seen any problems in the past and I have no issue playing any other video games at all. My NAT type is always open and I never experience any lag or high ping when playing but will still continue to be disconnected from the servers constantly. Is this something I can fix somehow or is this just the servers being terrible because the game just came out? 



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Registered: ‎18-10-2018

Same.  I've been searching for the answer of this for weeks and can't find anything.  I'm about to stop playing the game if I can't rely on finishing a match.

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Registered: ‎19-11-2018
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