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Community Migration FAQ

Activision Support


Hi Everyone,

As we get closer to the migration of our new community platform, we're sure you'll have a few questions regarding the change.  Below is an FAQ of what to expect after the change.

1. Will my information carry over with the migration to the new platform?
Most information will carry over to the new platform such as your forum name, profile picture/avatar, post history, inbox history, and any specific groups you have access to.

2. What about my points and badges I’ve earned with the gamification system?

Points: The new platform has its own gamification platform that we’re migrating to. After completion of the migration, we’ll be calculating the point totals to the new system. There isn’t an exact match to how the two systems work so they will probably look a little off.

Badges: We are exploring the badge migration as well so what you’ve earned in the old community platform (JIVE) can move over. Not all of the same challenges will be available in the future. We’ll have new challenges and things for you to earn at a later date once we have the new system up and running at full scale.

3. How about rank and levels?

We are working on a new rank system that’s more dynamic than simple level numbers. Some ranks may grant you access to new challenges or forum locations. The full, dynamic ranking system is still being fleshed out but we will have a base structure available post migration.

4. How about my profile setup and information such as my game linked accounts?

Anything relating to your information that is connected to your Activision registration is not changing. That would include your linked accounts, email address and passwords to login, and any personal data that you may have included when registering for an account.

5. Will the forum structure be different so I need to learn how to navigate again?

We’re trying to make the forums a familiar place that you visit regardless of the new platform. That said, there will be some adjustments to how the new platform functions. Fortunately, you’ll also have access to deeper community functionality.


The Activision Community Team

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I am unable to find a session to join for the online multiplayer now.  Is your system up and running as planned?  If so why can I not play online?


I love your game and hope to be able to connect again soon.


When I call up for a session to join, there is no interaction to indicate it is working like before.


Please advise.



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