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Call of duty WW2

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For a few years now, call of duty is becoming more advanced. Yes we now have the technology to run games that require alot of power and graphic. As good as all this is, there has to be a border line on how far into the future these games go.

I think and I want call of duty to head back in the other direction! Back to their roots.

People will say but they have already done that, (world at war) but as a call of duty fan from the start, the best call of duty ever was call of duty united offence.

Imagine this game redeveloped! Bringing back maps such as foy and carentan! Real sniper maps. Not these maps where someone will run up behind you and kill you as soon as you scope, somewhere you can take your time.

In this sense I believe battlefield has the advantage.

Bring a few tanks back to call of duty.

make this the best every world war 2 and first person shooter of its time!

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Registered: ‎06-11-2014
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