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Black ops 4 target assist is to STRONG 💪

Activision Support

Hello the target assist is way to strong on console way to strong it’s the strongest it’s ever been in a COD game I have played for years so have my friends we love call of duty but this is clearly an attempt to bridge the gap between experienced players and causal players but it’s to intrusive and it’s killing the experience and it is that strong that ppl are able to very easily make scripts to abuse the target assist, there isn’t even an option to remove aim slowdown like there was in ww2,what is going on. I payed 60 pound to play a game that plays itself, lastly the target assist is soo strong it even tracks through walls I will never play this game again and I will express my opinion to everyone until they realise what a mess it is it’s absolutely disgusting how bad this tactical shooter lmao plays 

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Registered: ‎13-10-2018
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