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Alexa Ghost Companion

Activision Support

Ghost Reboots After 1-11-19 at 11:30Pm

Alexa ghost companion still connects to ghost. Ghost was working right up until this date. Upon this issue several people including a close friend of mine have had this issue since the above date. For instance. “Hey Alexa ask ghost about mars.” Ghost flashes with no sound and then reboots. Friend of mine had issue at same time. I’ve already contactacted bungie and amazon. And yes my friend and I are well aware of how to set up ghost to work with Alexa. It’s been working for almost a month when suddenly it just reboots and only flashes with no sound. Tried re-enabling ghost skill. Factory reset oh Alexa dot and ghost companion. Did all the troubleshooting.

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Registered: ‎12-01-2019
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