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Account Reset - Now im banned?

Activision Support

Account Reset - Now im banned?

Hello Everyone,

This is mainly directed to Activision Support, but everyone is welcome to see it if they have a similar problem. I was master prestige (all diamond guns except for pistols and rocket launchers but I was working on them) and my account was reset because of the offline local glitch thing. I contacted you and I havent heard back in a while. I deciced to just get my rank up on my own again and do whatever I needed to do.

I got to level 53 and had Gold Remmington and the gold DRS50 for quickscoping...(see how easy it is to get gold??) and NOW my account was banned for 6 days???/

WHY ARE YOU MESSING WITH ME? What did I do? I dont know if you will ever read this but I would love for my account to be back to master prestige along with my diamond guns! Thanks!

-MaddFuture (PSN)

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Re: Account Reset - Now im banned?

in reply to MaddFuture

Hello MaddFuture,

Our sincerest apologies that we are replying to your post so late. It seems that you have contacted us before regarding this same issue of why you were banned. Just a reminder that we cannot reverse bans once they have been issued. If you have not reviewed the Security & Enforcement policy for Black Ops 2, I have included the link below. ^SM

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