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Operation: Move Swag winners



Operation: Move Swag has been a huge success! Thanks for being so helpful over the last couple weeks; we talked to a lot of players. As always, to the victors go the spoils. As a reminder, the winning criteria were as follows:

  • 50 chats = Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare logo shirt
  • 100 chats = Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ATLAS shirt
  • 150 chats = Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sentinel shirt

So those rock stars who took 150+ chats to get all three shirts are:

  • Cmangrum

  • Iceman833

  • Amt81

Congrats on the new summer wardrobe!

The winners taking home the AW logo and ATLAS shirts are:

  • Urbanxb

  • Shamik07

And those taking home the AW logo shirt are:

  • DaleksGamertag

  • Tracy

We also put the top five Ambassadors for the period into our handy-dandy randomizer to see who would get the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hoodie. After we put the flames out and the smoke dissipated, we saw that the winner was:

  • Shamik07

Congratulations! You¹re going to look very stylish on the beach is this thing.

In the interest of keeping momentum going through the end of the month, I think we are going to give out another Call of Duty: Black Ops III shirt to someone for chats taken between today and the end of the month. The top five Ambassadors from today through 6/30/15 will be entered for a shot.


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