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Helpful Tip of the Week: Forum Guide - Ghosts Edition

Level 19

Welcome to the second Activision Rewards Helpful Tip of the Week!

This week features a comprehensive Forum Guide from well-known forum member, TL_Bare_B_V2! Haven't met TL_Bare_B_V2 yet? Read his Support Spotlight!

Below, learn all there is to know about the Forums and navigating them. It also includes insight into the Rewards Program! Have Support tips you’d like to share? Send them to! Those chosen will receive the rare Kudos Badge. Make sure to check out the first Helpful Tip of the Week discussing Clans from OUHATEME.



There have been a few forum guides before on the older sites but no one has written one for our latest version. Whether you'e new to the forums and finding things a little confusing or an experienced user looking to learn something new this is the guide for you. I'll start of with some of basics and then more on to some of the newer and less used features. Some of the content you may have seen before in some of my other threads but i'm bringing it all together in one easy to use guide.

1. Getting Started

          I) Sign Up and Log In

          II) Linking Accounts and Editing Your Profile

          III) Rules and Moderators

          IV) Knowing Your Way Around

    2. Content

          I) Finding A Topic

          II) Posting Replies

          III) Creating - Discussions, Questions and Ideas

          IV) Content Tips

          V) Reporting Content

     3. Forum Features

          I) Basic Features

          II) Advanced Features

     4. Gamification

          I) What Is It

          II) Earning Points and Levelling Up

          III) Using Your Points and Showing Off Your Badges

     5. FAQ

1.Getting Started

I) Sign Up and Log In

The first thing we need to do is create a Call of Duty account. In the top right of your screen you should screen you should see something that looks like this:

01 Sign up.png

If you've been receiving the weekly stat e-mails from Call Of Duty then congratulations you already have an account so you can skip this part.

Click "Sign Up" or Click Here and you'll be greeted by a simple form that looks like this:

02 Reg form.png

Remember that to create a Call of Duty account, all fields must be filled in and you must accept the Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policy. By checking the "I accept the ToS and Privacy Policy" you're confirming you've read and understood them, ignorance is not an excuse for rule breaking. Being contacted by Activision with news and content about Call of Duty and other Activision games is optional.

Most of the information it asks for is self explanatory. Community Name is the name you wished to be known by when you post in the forums, it's a bit like a Gamertag or PSN/Steam ID. Once your account is created you cannot change the name which you post under in the forums, so choose wisely.

Once you filled and checked the boxes click "Register Now" and an activation link will be sent to your e-mail address, you'll need to follow the link in order to activate your account.

Congratulations you're now a member of the official Call of Duty website and forums, now you've just got click Login In in the top right corner of the page or Click Here then enter your e-mail address and password.

II) Link Accounts and Editing Your Profile

Now you have your CoD accounts it's time to link it to some of your other accounts, you can can link your CoD account to the following accounts:

  • Xbox Live
  • Playstation Network
  • Steam
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Twitch

You'll need to link either Xbox Live, Playstation Network or Steam depending on which platform you play Call Of Duty on, this allows data to be transferred from the website to your platform account for things such as pre-order codes, Prestige/Hardened edition content codes and the Ghosts App.

Linking your Youtube account allows any clips you upload from Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops 2 to be uploaded straight on to your channel.

Linking your account with Facebook, Twitter and Twitch makes it easier for you friends and followers from other sites to find you on here.

To link your accounts you'll need to head over to your CoD Account Profile, now that you're logged in you'll no longer see "Log In or Sign Up" in the top right corner, it will have been replaced with an exclamation mark in a circle and a Cog. It should look like this:

03 Cog.png

Click on the Cog and you'll have 2 options Profile and Log Out, click Profile or Click Here and you'll be taken to page that looks like this:

04 Account Link.png

Linking accounts is simple just click the green cross next to the account you want to link and you'll see a message box like this one:

05 Account Link MSG.png

Click Continue you'll be taken to the relevant site and asked to enter your log in details for it. Once you've entered you details thats it, your accounts are linked.

Whilst we're on this page there're some other things you can change like: Name, Address, E-mail address, Security questions and your Community name (this doesn't change your forum name).  If we head on over to the Preferences page from here you can change your e-mail address which receives the the Call of Duty and Activision newsletters, you can also opt in/out of a specific newsletter or unsubscribe from all communication.

06 Newletter.png

The next profile you have is Forum profile, this is what other users will see if they click on your name in the forums it looks a little like this:

07 Forum Profile.png

From here you can access a number of other forum features but i'll cover those later. For now we are going to look at the 3 options on the right hand side. We'll start with Change Avatar, each time you post on the forums your name and avatar is displayed next to your post, you'll notice mine is the R2D2. Once you click Change Avatar you'll be taken to a page where you have a choice of 226 avatars, most are related to Call of Duty but there are other more general avatars and some related to other Activision games.

Next we have Edit Profile and Privacy, this will allow you to edit different sections of your Forum profile and also allow you to change who view certain parts of your profile.First we have the Edit Profile part. Most of these options are self explanatory, the forum does not allow a signature to be added to post so there is no need to enter anything in this box. Tags can be used to make yourself easier to find and can be used in the Forum search bar.

08 Edit profile.png

The next part of this is the Privacy part, this allows you to restrict who can see certain parts of your profile. You have 4 options: Everyone, Registered Users, Connections and Yourself. You can then use "Preview Your Profile" to see how other users view your profile.

09 Edit Preferences.png

The final option we have here is Edit Preferences. This allows you to customise which notifications you receive e-mails about, discussion and comment view styles, language, locale, timezone and also edit which notifications appear in your stream.

10 Edit Notifications.png

III) Rules and Moderators

Just like when playing Call of Duty online the Forum also has its own set of rules/guidelines and moderators, you are expect to know and follow the rules when using these forums. Ignorance is not an excuse for rule breaking so familiarize yourself with them before posting.

Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines

Guide: YouTube & Streaming Posts

Rewards Program Boosting

There's also a few sub-forums that specific rules/guidelines attached to them as well. Support, Clan Recruitment and Off Topic.

Whilst Activision has many accounts our current 3 forum moderators are OGHuxtable, SavageHam, and EmiliozGunz.

More information on moderator accounts can be found here: Forum Moderators

IV) Knowing Your Way Around

There are 3 main parts to the forum: Front Page, Profile and Inbox & Activities. Knowing you way around these 3 parts means you'll be able to navigate your way around the forums finding everything you need with ease.

13 Front Page.png

This is main page of the forums and everything expands from here.

Purple Box

Explore - Access the sites of other Call of Duty games.

Support - Direct access to Activision support site.

Location - Changes the language of the Call of Duty website, forums will still be in English.

Green Box

Sidebar - Allows quick access to other areas of the Call of Duty Ghosts site.

Orange Box

Social Media - Links to the official Call of Duty pages on social media sites.

Red Box


Cyan Box

Actions - The 3 options in here allow you to quickly create a discussion or idea and add sub-forums or tags to an rss feed.

Blue Box

Search - Search all Call of Duty forums for keywords, people or tags.

Yellow Box

Notifications - Personal settings -  Calendar, (Reward) Store, Inbox & activity, Change avatar, Edit profile & privacy and Preferences.

Reputation - All time points, Level, Points required for next level and a mission you are close to completing.

22 Profile extensive.png

Forum profiles have 7 tabs, each tab makes easy to keep track of a different feature of the forums.

Red Box

Bio - As covered previously the bio is a place to share information about yourself and also your trophy case for completed missions.

Yellow Box

Activity - Shows all of your recent activity across the forums.

Blue Box

Content - Any threads you have made or replies you have posted can be found in here.

Pink Box

Connections - Connections shows you a list of all the people who you follow or follows you and their most recent content.

Green Box

Places - If you follow a specific sub-forum it will show in here.

Orange Box

Bookmarks - Any threads you bookmark will be found in here, you can add notes and tags to each bookmark making it easy find and remember why you bookmarked it.

Purple Box

Reputation  - Keep track of your forum points and missions from here using Activity and Missions. You can see how many points you've earned in each Sub-forum in Places from the menu on the left.

19 Inbox.png

The final page in this section is Inbox & Activities. This can be accessed by choosing a notification from the notification ball or through "Inbox and Activities" from the drop down menu when you click on your user name. Your inbox contains a few different viewing pages.

Green Box

Activity - The Activity page provides you with a general overview of what is happening in the forums right now. It shows you the latest post and likes, on the right hand side of the page you'll find recommended and trending content & people.  You can also post a status update from here.

Orange Box

Connections Stream - The Connections Stream is similar to the Activity page but only shows content from forum users that you follow.

Red Box

Inbox - From here you can view and reply to any replies made to a thread you created or replied to.  Under "Latest Acclaim" you can view any Likes, Bookmarks or Props you receive from other users. If users Share a thread with you it will also appear in your Inbox.

Blue Box

Actions - The Actions will show 2 things. The first is any new followers, the second is any actions taken against your content. Actions against your posts include any posts that have been removed by a moderator or any posts that have been given approval if they needed moderation.

Purple Box

Send Message - This allows you to send a Direct Message to a single user or group of users that can only be viewed by the intended recipients. If you @ mention someone in the message body they will not be notified.

2. Content

I) Finding A Topic

There are 2 ways to find threads in forums, the first is the search bar. In the search bar you can search for keywords, people or tags. Once you start typing in this box a drop down menu will appear with some related answers, from here you can also choose "Search all forums" or "Search this forum".  If you have something you want to discuss use the search first, there may already be a thread on this topic and multiple threads on the same topic just adds clutter to the forums. 1 thread with 100 replies carries more weight then 100 threads with 1 reply.

Not sure what you want to discuss? Jump into a sub-forum.

14 Sub Forums.png

Red Box

Platform specific - Here you'll find other users that play on the same platform as you.

Green Box

General Discussion - A place to discuss Ghosts in general.

Yellow Box

Extinction - Need some advice or want to build a team? You'll find some of the top Extinction players in here.

Pink Box

Clans. There are 2 spaces within the clan sub-forum.

1) Clan Recruitment: Need a clan or already have one and are looking for new members? You'll find what you need in here

2) Clan Discussion: General clan discussion for future or past wars, tips on running a clan and any clan related questions.

Blue Box

Off Topic - Anything not Ghosts related goes in here, including future title discussion.

Orange Box

Support - Having a game related issue or have knowledge that could help some else out? Support is here for you, most questions will be answered by your fellow community, moderators can also open up support tickets from here if it requires Activision assistance.

If you're having an issue with your game support has a dedicated "Ask The Community" search bar which will find previously asked questions where you might find your answers. You can find a guide for it here: Ask A Question Tutorial

When asking a question in Support try to include as much information as possible in your post, useful things are: location, platform, hard-wired or wireless connection and any solutions you've already tried but didn't work.

15 Ask The Community.png

Have knowledge that could help other people? Get involved! Either have a scroll down the Recent Questions/Content sections or if you have knowledge of a specific area head into the Question Bank. There are 3 sections in the bank: Clan, DLC and Connection. Just select one and you'll be shown all the unanswered questions related to that subject.

16 Question Bank.png

II) Posting replies

17 Replying.png

When replying to thread you can either reply to the original post or you can reply to another users who has posted in the thread. The reply button is always in the bottom right corner of the post.

Red Box

Reply to original post.

Blue Box

Reply to specific post.

Green Box

If a thread has a lot of replies on the first page or goes over multiple pages there will be a "Reply to original post" button at the bottom of the page.

III) Creating Content

Can't find the topic you're looking or have an idea you want share? Then you're going to need to create a your own thread. We do this using the Actions on the right side of the page. Using the Actions in a specific sub-forum will create the topic in that space, using the Actions on the front page you'll need to set the space you want it posting. There are 2 types of threads you can create, the first is a Discussion, the second is an Idea. Discussions are general use and the main form of threads found on the forum. Ideas allow you find out what other users think about an idea you have with an Up/Down vote system included in the post.

18 Ideas Options.png

At the bottom of an Ideas post you have 4 options:

     1. In A Place - This will post your idea in a selected sub-forum.

     2. Hidden - Only you can view this post. If you mention someone in a hidden post they will still be notified of the mention and be able to view it.

     3. Specific People - This allows you to enter the usernames of forum members who you wish to view it.

     4. The Community - This will post the idea into the stream of anyone that follows you.

To choose where a thread is posted you need to click "Change" located in the Red Box a drop down box will appear and you can type the sub-forum you want into the box, when using this feature you need to type "Ghosts" first so it shows the Ghosts sub-forums i.e: Ghosts Off Topic.

Advanced Options - In the advanced options you can change who can edit your ideas post. By default any member of the forums can edit your ideas post if you post it into a space. If you don't want people changing your ideas post check the "Restrict Authors" box, from there you can either allow specific forum users to have editing rights or just yourself.

IV) Content Tips

Editing - After you have made a post or reply you may realise you missed something or made a mistake. Pressing the edit button at the bottom of your post allows you change, add or delete parts of your post without having to delete the whole thing and starting again. Editing a reply also gives you more post editing options then the initial reply box.

Marking as a Question - If have a question that you want/need an answer for you can mark your discussion as a question, this lets other users know that you're not looking for an opinion but a definitive answer. You have 15 minutes after you create a discussion after you create it.

Marking Correct Answers - If your discussion is marked as a question and you have found the answer you are looking for remember to mark that answer as correct. This way a user who has a the same question in the future can find your discussion and the answer they're looking for. If other users have supplied you with same or other useful information you can also their answers as helpful. You can mark 1 correct and 2 helpful answers per discussion.

V) Reporting Content

From time to time you may come across content that is either offensive, spam or breaks another forum rule/guideline. To report a discussion look for the the orange triangle that says "Report" in the Actions on the right hand side of the post. To report a reply click on "Report Abuse" in the bottom right of the specific post you want to report. Both of these open up a box in the middle of the screen where there is another drop down menu with a list of reasons and text box to add any other important information.

3. Forum Features

A lot of forums and social media sites have similar features, most of these features are pretty basic and self explanatory. Some of the features on the CoDHQ are less obvious and some can be difficult to find.

I) Basic Features

Like - See a post you like? Hit that like button, post appreciation is always welcome! Just look for the thumb at the bottom of a post.

Follow - You can follow people, sub-forums and threads. Once you've followed someone or something there activity will show up in your Connections Stream.

Bookmark - Don't have time to post? Bookmark a thread for later, you can access bookmarks from your profile. You can also add notes and tags to make them easier to find.

Share - The share button allows you to share threads with other users on the forum. A shared thread shows up in your Inbox.

Rating - Let others users know what you think of a thread by rating it with 1-5 stars located at the bottom of the original post. Highest rated threads show up on the front page.

Mention - Then mention feature allows you mention users, sub-forums or threads in your posts. There are 2 ways to mention things. Hit the "@ Mention" button in the bottom right of the text box or simple type @ and start typing.

Quote - You can quote the response you're replying to by clicking the speech bubble at the top of the text box, the quote will show up in a grey shaded box.

II) Advanced Features

The first 5 features can be accessed by clicking on !App on the bottom right of the text box or by simple typing "!" in the text box itself.

Forms - Forms is a Jive modulation that allows you to create a form template which can then be used in your posts.

Images - This feature will allow you to search Wikipedia for an image and then add it to your posts.


Lucidchart - Lucidchart is a Jive Modulation that allows you to create diagrams such as flowcharts and venn diagrams for use in your posts.

Props - Props is another way of liking content but they come with a picture and a custom message, any Props you receive are displayed in a cabinet.

Wikipedia  - This feature will allow you to search wikipedia directly from the forum and then insert the link to your posts.

Multiple Streams - You can create multiple streams in your Inbox by clicking on "+ New Stream" this can make following different groups of users easier.

Connection Groups - You can create multiple connection groups on the Connection tab by clicking "+ New Label" you can then assign a colour to each group.

4. Gamification

I) What Is It?

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. On Activision's forums this is know as Activision Rewards.

II) Earning Points and Levelling Up

The forum like the game has it's own levelling and ranking system. Pretty much everything you do on the forums can earn you points, you can keep track of the recent points you have earned on your Reputation page, this can be accessed through your profile or by clicking the points next to your username and then selecting More. On the reputation page on the left side of the screen underneath Activity is Missions. On the Missions page you'll find a number of tiles, each tile is a separate mission and most missions have a number of levels. On the front of each tile you'll find:

  • Mission name and level
  • The Badge it unlocks
  • The Points you'll gain completing it
  • A brief description
  • Who recently completed the Mission
  • Progress bar

20 Tile Front.png

If you press the cog in the bottom right corner the tile will flip over and you'll find a little more information.

  • Mission name and level
  • A brief description
  • The Badge and Points you gain upon completion
  • In depth details on how to earn the badge including any restrictions.

21 Tile Back.png

At the time of writing this guide we are in Season 1 of Activision Rewards, an easy way to earn 165pts each day in Season 1 is as follows:

Mission Name











One of the CrewLog in10110
ConnoisseurRate a support discussion5210
Forget Me NotBookmark a support discussion5210
Gotta See ThisShare a support discussion5525
Fountain of KnowledgeAnswer a support question51050
Stay ClassyReceive a Like in support10550
Branching OutFollow a community member5210

Whilst 165 Points a day may not seem like a lot it adds up to 1,155 Points a week or 4,950 Points in a 30-day month, add in the Bonus Points for completing the different mission levels and you're well on your way to leveling up. Some Mission are only available for a limited time during a Season, the Launch Control missions are a good example of this. There's normally a stickied thread in the support section announcing these so keep you eyes open for them.

III) Showing Off Your Badges and Using Your Points

Now you've completed Missions, unlocked Badges and earned points what can you do with them? Badges In your profile, in the Reputation tab you can select 3 badges to show off this is called "Me in 3". On the top bar you should see Points, Level and then up 10 badges, hold your cursor over the Badges and it will pop down to reveal all of the Badges you have earned, at the bottom of this are 3 slots where you can drag and drop your 3 selected Badges into. Other users will be able to see these Badges if they hover their cursor over your name in the forums and view your profile pop-up. If you want to change your "Me in 3" just click the X next to the Badge you no longer want to display and drop another one in it's place. The amount of Points shown on the profile pop-up is your current available store balance not your total earned points.

Here's mine:

23 Profile Pop Up.png


What do Points mean?....  PRIZES! (and Leaderboards)

Points can be exchanged in the Activision Reward Store for different rewards, each reward has a level and a cost, in-order you purchase the reward you must first get to the level requirement and then have enough points to exchange for it. Currently there are 3 available Rewards:

  • Got Stacks Badge - Lv 35 -  10,000 pts
  • Founder Badge - Lv 65 - 500 pts
  • Secret Group Access - Lv 50 - 20,000 pts

More reward will be added soon and you can find the reward store here: Reward Store

You find this in the drop down menu from your name on the forums.

We also have leaderboards that can be viewed here: Leaderboard

Search for "Leaderboards" in the search widget for quick access.

5. FAQ

Q) My headers are grey writing on the black background how to I turn them white?

A) In your profile preferences turn the High Contrast Colour Scheme off.

Q) Where can I view the props I've been given?

A) Your props shelf can be viewed here:

Q) What are levels shown in your screenshots?

A) Those are the old forum levels when they only went up to 10, it took me a while to make this guide and things were changed during the making of it.

Q) What are Jive and Modulations?

A) Jive is the program that the forum runs on, Modulations are like apps or expansions that add new features and functions to the forum.

Q) How do I stop notifications from discussions I no longer want to take part in appearing in my Inbox?

A) Select the discussion in your Inbox, in the top right corner of the preview select "Hide new activity" and this will stop all new notifications unless you post in the thread again or are @ mentioned.

Q) I just made a post/reply, why does it say that it is being moderated?

A) The main cause of a post needing moderation is a link that needs to be authorized.

Q) I don't like my username, can I change it?

A) Once a username is created it cannot be changed.

Q) Why can't I create polls, blog posts or documents?

A) As forum users we can only create discussions and ideas. Polls were removed and only Activision can create blog posts and documents.

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