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Community Spotlight

Community Coordinator




The Community Spotlight showcases community members who are incredibly helpful within the Community Forums and Ambassador Chat. The award is an acknowledgement of the contributions made by a community member.


The Community Spotlight recipients are chosen by The Activision Community Team and the recipients of this honor are featured within the community and are given an awesome Care Package for their contributions. 






This month, we have the pleasure of presenting a familiar community member as well as an outstanding ambassador.  Our Community Spotlight for this month goes out to Daleksgamertag.   Daleksgamertag has been a part of the community for a few years and part of the Ambassador Program since February 2015.   We noticed Daleksgamertag contributions within the community with assisting members as well as remaining positive while helping others.  Because of this, Daleksgamertag was one of the first community members selected for the Ambassador Program and has continued to be a positive force.


Image 7.JPG

Q: Tell us about yourself and how you got into gaming.


A:  I am James, been called a Dalek for years which is a fictional villain in the television show Doctor Who.  Mostly, I can (poorly) imitate the voice but also because I have played Call of Duty for so long.  I feel I mastered it and people like me being on their team.  Since the release of the Xbox 360, I got it as a Christmas present and fell in love with Call of Duty.  I got into Call of Duty by first playing Call of Duty 2 and yes I do remember those rifles.  The snipers of this generation have no idea what they missed out on. I miss those older games but I still like the current games.  Every year, the developers with Activision's backing do their utmost to raise the bar and I love that.


Q:  What motivated you to begin helping within the community?


A:  Making gamers happy.  There is nothing worse than spending hard earned cash on a game and an issue develops, we all know that frustration.  But once it gets fixed, that amazing sigh of relief and knowing you can now enjoy the game you bought.  Knowing I can cause that effect and actually help real people in the real world and make them happier by the hundreds, makes me feel so blessed.  Nothing can beat that.


Q:  What do you enjoy the most about being an Activision Ambassador?


A:  I have made several points about what I enjoy and what brings me back time and time again. The single most important thing is that, if I ever feel down or I have no one to talk to that day there is a great community and a chance to make lots of new friends.  Most importantly, I can hop on and help a few people in Ambassador Chat which makes me feel better.  This program has helped me a lot in that regard and I cannot thank you enough.


Q:  What has kept you part of the program?


A:  The program helped give me purpose when I most needed it.  Whilst I was helping people, it made me feel very good about myself every time I made an Activision customer happy.  I felt a warm feeling which has never gotten old and I still enjoy to this day.  When I have free time, I still hop on so I can help out and do my part.


Image 8.JPG


Q:  Tell us about your favorite chat.


A:  My favorite chat was on the launch of BO3.  I helped a user not only figure out how to install the digital deluxe version of the game on Xbox One but also assisted the user adjust their Xbox privacy settings which is a common issue on Xbox One when playing online.  This chat took half an hour but once resolved, it was a great feeling and the customer was really thankful making me feel even better.





Q:  Which game would you say you are most knowledgeable?


A:  If you had asked this question a year ago, I would have said Call of Duty every time.  Now I have learned from other ambassadors and my own research as well as the advice of getting a whiteboard to write down notes for certain useful fixes for issues that may flare up for multiple games.  I would say I am knowledgeable in lots of Activision titles now but my biggest skills come with Call of Duty and harder issues with PC versions of Call of Duty is also a skill of mine I learned.


Q:  Out of all of the prizes you have won from Ambassador Contests, which is your favorite?


A:  I’ve won lots of prizes.  I was the first Ambassador to get a BO3 shirt and also won the massive prize of Guitar Hero Live.  I have to say I love the COD Elite prizes the most as I am a nostalgic person and these things rock!  From the keychain to the rare Elite poster I was sent several months back. The COD Elite Laptop bag I still use every day.  I go out and wear it with pride because Activision bags are actually rather high quality and have many uses.  So for pure nostalgia and because I used it almost every day, I will go with the Elite Bag.


Image 1.jpg Image 5.jpg Image 3.jpg


Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of the gaming community?


A:  I have several hobbies outside the gaming community including watching every movie I can.  I do podcasts on television shows usually featuring Game of Thrones and Doctor Who but also movies.  I enjoy running every morning to stay alert for the day ahead.  I donate and volunteer at food banks for those who need it and enjoy helping out.  I believe every soul we help makes this world better and I enjoy making others happy.


Q:  What advice would you give to a new Ambassador just starting out with chats?


A:  Patience.   You will learn the best way to deal with challenging chats.  Sometimes you may see a chat for a game you may not be familiar with.   Instead of letting that customer wait, take the chat and ask for help from the Ambassador Team or other Ambassadors.  The Ambassador Team can guide you through the chat or another ambassador who is an expert in that select issue will also help. Never feel like something is impossible.  We are here to help and that is what the spirit of the program is about.






Congratulations, Daleksgamertag.


Thank you for being a part of the community!


-The Activision Community Team



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