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Community Spotlight - Tracy

Community Coordinator

Welcome to the Community Spotlight!

We are re-launching the Community Spotlight blog which showcases incredibly helpful users and their awesome contributions to the Activision Community! The individuals showcased in the Community Spotlight are chosen by the Activision Digital & Social Support team. These featured users will also receive a custom Community Support Badge!

This month, we’re talking to a familiar face from the forums, tracy!  Most of you probably recognize her for the awesome help she provides across the Community forums. Learn more about Tracy below and find out what makes her such a valued member of the Support Community!

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Hi, my name is Tracy, same as my forum name, I like to keep things simple. I'm happily married, mother to 2 teenage girls and have a lovely granddaughter, with another on the way and my aim is to make them both future gamers.

Digital & Social: How long have you been playing Activision games?

Tracy: My first introduction to an Activision game was with Call of Duty 4, playing 4 person split screen with my family. My eldest daughter was the reason I caught the Multiplayer bug, introducing me to online play on Black Ops and I've been hooked ever since.

D&S: How long have you been participating in our community forums? Which is your favorite?

Tracy: I joined the forums in September 2011, partly due to Black Ops / MW3, with the introduction of Elite. I visited the forums for advice and not only did I find it helpful but I found some great posts showcasing a fun side to the community. I decided then that I wanted to be a part of this awesome community of gamers that not only helped people, but knew how to have fun. I enjoy all the forums, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be the Ghosts Extinction forum, as I love this addition to the game. I've made some great friends on this forum and am privileged to have also been able to game with some of them on the Xbox.

D&S: You’ve proven to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Would you say there’s one title you are most knowledgeable with?

Tracy: This is a tough choice, I seem to have provided a lot of help on both the Ghosts and Advanced Warfare forums. I do my best to keep up to date with all subjects and bookmark great articles from my peers. I've found the Knowledge Base a invaluable source of wisdom and if all else fails, as my bio says, Google is your friend.

D&S: What drives you to be so helpful in the communities?

Tracy: After first joining this community and being helped by others. I decided it would be great to do the same thing and help others myself. It was my way of repaying the kindness that had been shown to me and the feeling you get knowing you've helped is very satisfying.

D&S: Of the badges you’ve earned in the rewards program, which is your favorite? Why?

Tracy: I have two favourites, 1) Founder and 2) Infinite Wisdom 2.0. I chose the first one knowing it's fairly exclusive, as it was only available to so many people at a certain level on the forum and the second reminds me just how much I've managed to help out the community in the support section of the forums.

D&S: What do you enjoy most about being an Activision Ambassador?

Tracy: I receive great satisfaction knowing that I've been able to help others, whether it's getting them back into the game, directing them to the right people for the correct support if required or just answering their questions, even when it's sometimes not the answer they wanted to hear. I've also met some great people through this programme and am grateful to call them friends.

Thanks Tracy! We look forward to your future Community contributions!

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