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Black Ops 3 shirt contest winner and June recap!



Happy July!!

We had an amazing June, thanks in full to all of your diligence and helpfulness. Some awesome prizes were offered and won by some awesome people across the world. We are super excited about the Ambassador program and the direction it’s heading right now. Lots of people around Activision are taking notice.

This month, we talked to thousands of players, and we are hoping to continue this trend through July. Before we do that, I want to thank the top Ambassadors for the month.

Cmangrum talked to 22% of players for the month, and was our top Ambassador. Thank you, sir, for being so cool.

Iceman833 Talked to 20% of players coming in for the month.

Amt81 talked to 13% of incoming players for the month.

Youre all legends in our books.

We had a contest going for a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 shirt to one of the top 5 ambassadors from 6/23/15 through 6/30/15.

The top 5 were






After throwing those names in the randomizer, cmangrum was the one left standing. We will be getting your shirt out to you shortly, sir.

For the month of July, we want to bring back our Ambassador Hoodie, and care packages, since we haven’t given them away in a while. The top 5 Ambassadors for the month of July will be entered into a contest to win a care package bag from us, which will include the Ambassador Hoodie, and any other goodies we can steal from around the office.

Godspeed, friends!

     - Mikey

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