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Activision Ambassador PS4 Contest Winners


Hey All!

Wanted to call out our winners for this months Activision Ambassadors contests.

It was a hard fought fight, but the contest was run, the tallies are in, and the winners have been identified!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the PS4/Destiny contest. Here are the winners:

Grand Prize: PlayStation 4 and Destiny Ghost Edition

Winner: Iceman338!!

Congrats Iceman, you’re a super cool dude! Stay frosty!

Iceman also had the most chats for the period with 518, so he will also be receiving the Activision Community Support Ambassador hoodie or Device Charger.

The five Ambassadors who will be receiving Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hoodie or a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare water bottle are:

  • Legadillo
  • FalconR6
  • DaleksGamertag
  • xSsIBuShY
  • urbanxb

Congrats, peeps!!

And the Ambassadors who talked to 30 or more players during contest period who are receiving the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare t-shirt of their choice are:

  • Iceman833
  • Legadillo
  • FalconR6
  • DaleksGamertag
  • xSsIBuShY
  • urbanxb

You guys are about to look super cool in your new shirts!!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this months contest. Hit me up with shirt choice/hoodie sizes, and we will get those in the mail shortly.

I just received some Black Ops III shirts, so how about we do a contest for a couple of those? The two Ambassadors who talk to the most players between May 22nd, 2015 and May 31st, 2015 will receive the first Black Ops III shirts to go out to Ambassadors.

If you are interested having a chance to win some awesome prizes while helping our community, sign up for the Activision Ambassador program. Go to and click on Sign Up!

– Mikey

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