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Activision Ambassador GH Live Contest!

Community Coordinator

Hey All!

September was another fantastic month for Ambassadors! As we enter October, we’re gearing up to rock out with Guitar Hero Live!

This past month’s winner has been a star in the Activision Ambassador program. Not only did she score the monthly Care Package, but she also won the Skylanders SuperChargers contest!

We’re pleased to announce that Cedzen as September’s winner!

The following Ambassadors also secured a copy of Skylanders SuperChargers:

  • ABAxStorm
  • Moosnucklee
  • ViralHope

With the release of Guitar Hero Live upon us, we want to announce our next Ambassador contest.

Running from October 20th to November 1st, the Ambassador who tags the most Guitar Hero Live chats with #GHL will win our Guitar Hero Live Care Package, which includes a Guitar Hero Live starter pack for the console of your choice, our official Activision Ambassador hoodie, and various other goodies.

The top five Ambassadors for the contest period who tag the most Guitar Hero Live chats with #GHL will have a chance at winning one of two Guitar Hero Live starter packs for the console of their choice.

Thanks all of you for your awesome efforts in our communities. We have more BIG contests coming soon, so keep an eye out on the Ambassador forums and ATVI Skype chat!

-The Ambassador Team

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