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Activision Ambassador FAQs


Hey all,

Over the last few weeks you may have seen a few posts regarding the Activision Ambassadors program, and some of the cool prizes Ambassadors have been winning recently. This has prompted a number of you to reach out to us with questions about who the Ambassadors are, and how to become one.

The Activision Ambassadors are some of the best and brightest players from our communities who have shown they want to be positive and helpful people to the rest of the community. The first run of Ambassadors were hand picked by our community support team, and they've been kicking ass and taking names for the last few months. We've decided to open the program to new applicants, so if you're interested in participating, and having a shot at some cool prizes. Click here for more info - Activision Ambassador

Below are some FAQs we have on the program.

Q: What is an Activision Ambassador?

A: An Activision Ambassador is a member of an elite group of gamers dedicated to making the Activision community a better place. They do this by helping gamers get back in the game with advice, tips and tricks. In doing so, you will unlock access to a number of exclusive perks including special badges and the opportunity to compete for special prizes!

Think you’ve got what it takes to become an Ambassador? Apply today!

Q: How long does it take to be approved as an Activision Ambassador?

A: Every Ambassador application undergoes a rigorous screening process which can take up to four weeks to complete.

Q: Do I have to live in a certain region to be an Ambassador?

A: No, you are welcome to apply regardless of the region you live in. However at this time, the Ambassador program is only offered in English.

Q: I speak another language, can I be an Ambassador?

A: If you speak a second language in addition to English, you are welcome to apply to the program, however at this time the Ambassador program is only officially supported in English.

Q: Do I have to be a certain age to be an Ambassador?

A: Yes. The Ambassador program is open to anyone over the age of 18. If you are between the ages of 13 and 18 you are welcome to apply provided a parent or guardian has given assent by allowing you to create an Activision account as outlined in our Terms of Use

Q: Can I reapply if I’m not approved to be an Ambassador?

A: Yes. There is no guaranteed acceptance to the Ambassador program. Sometimes we reject applicants through no fault of their own, but because we want to keep the number of Ambassadors fairly small. Applicants who are not accepted into the program may reapply after 90 days.

Q: Can I invite my friends to become Ambassadors?

A: Yes. At this time we do not have a friends and family recommendation program, but we’re always open to reviewing qualified new applicants.

Ambassador Duties

Q: I’ve been accepted into the Ambassador program, now what?

A: First, congratulations! You’ve become a member of an elite group of gamers entrusted with passing knowledge and expertise on to the rest of the Activision community. Other gamers now look to you to be a leader in chats, Activision community forums, and elsewhere.

Now that you’re part of the Ambassador program, here’s how you can contribute to the Activision community:

Chat with gamers: This is by far the most important thing you can do as an Ambassador. Simply log in on the Ambassador page with your Activision ID and click on the “Take Chats” button. Helping gamers with your knowledge and experience is lots of fun!

Chat with Activision: Our Skype chat (handle: Atviassist) is always running and available for Ambassadors. Stop by and say hello!

Talk with other Ambassadors: Our exclusive Ambassador forum is available right now to discuss any and all aspects of the Ambassador program.

Q: How do I initiate an Ambassador chat?

A: Starting an Ambassador chat is simple:

• Log in to your Ambassador account through the Ambassador Welcome Page

• Click on the big blue “Take Chats” button on the Ambassador dashboard.

• Double-click on any of the questions that interest you and begin chatting!

Q: Is there any training available that will help me be a better Ambassador?

A: Yes! Keep an eye out for Ambassador University, a collection of lessons and quizzes that will help you become a better Ambassador. Ambassador University will be opening up in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

Q: How do I communicate with Activision?

A: We have an exclusive forum just for Ambassadors. Put up your question and one of our community moderators will get back to you.

Q: What skills do I need to be effective as an Ambassador?

A: There are only two basic skills you need to be an Ambassador:

• A love of gaming: We know you’ve already got that. It’s passionate gamers like you that make up the heart of the Activision community.

• A desire to help other people have fun: By helping other gamers with their problems you’re helping them get past what’s bothering them and back to what’s important – more game time!

There are ways you can improve these skills – becoming a better listener, learning more about Activision games – and we’ll be helping you to improve these skills through the Ambassador University program, but those two primary skills can’t be taught. You’ve either got them or you don’t.

Q: I don’t have a lot of IT knowledge. Will that hurt me as an Ambassador?

A: No. The Activision Support Knowledge base and (eventually) Ambassador University are filled with various technical articles on commonly asked technical questions. As you get more familiar with frequently cited problems, you’ll learn through these articles how to respond to them.

Q: I’m an expert in one Activision game, but not another. Will this hurt me as an Ambassador?

A: No one expects any one Ambassador to be an expert on every Activision game, but broadening your gaming horizons can’t hurt you and you might just discover a new gaming passion to match your current one!

Q: Where do I get the proper information to help people in Ambassador chat?

A: Your key resource will be the Activision Support Site. That site contains most of the frequently asked questions you can expect to see. If you’re faced with a question that’s really new, try asking about it in the Ambassador forum, and we’ll try and find the answer for you.

Q: Can someone else take my place while I’m logged into my Ambassador account?

A: No. Ambassador privileges are extended to one person per account. If your friend would like to try being an Ambassador, ask them to apply. The process only takes a few minutes.

To read the rest of the FAQ, go here - Activision Support

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