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Above and Beyond #6 - ghamorra

Level 19

Welcome to the sixth Above and Beyond Support Spotlight from Activision Rewards!


Above and Beyond showcases Support Community members who are incredibly helpful in the Activision Support Forums, have earned a ton of Points and Badges, climbed the top of the Rewards Leaderboards, and more!

Above and Beyond Support Spotlight’s are chosen by the Activision Rewards team and are given an awesome Rewards Care Package from us including a custom Activision Rewards Badge (pictured above), Rewards Points, and more. Want to be the next Support Spotlight? Email us why you should be next:

This week, we’re talking to a familiar face from the Forums, ghamorra.  Most of you probably recognize him from his awesome help in the Support section. Learn more about ghamorra below and find out what makes him such a valued member of the Support Community!

Activision Rewards: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into Call of Duty?

ghamorra: My name, believe it or not, isn’t actually Ghamorra, its John. I recently graduated from Ohio University and work in video production for a small company in hometown. I also volunteer on occasion at a nature center feeding and caring for some really cool and endangered animals. I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember and have played just above everything there is on just about every console. The first FPS I played was Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64 and since then I’ve played just about every other FPS there is. I’m particularly fond of Call of Duty because it’s always been great deal of fun to play with friends locally and around the world.

For Question 1.jpg

AR: You have an extensive history in the Forums! How long have you been a part of the CoD Community?

GA: I first came to the forum a few years ago when the first Black Ops relevant. Once I started posting it was easy to make friends and I really liked talking tactics and strategies with other players. Over the years as my list of friends grew I’ve happily made this forum my favorite spot on the web. There’s a lot of great community members here and I consider myself quite lucky to play with these guys (and some gals).

AR: You’re very knowledgeable about Call of Duty. How would you recommend a newcomer build up that expert amount of knowledge?

GA: One thing I’m most known for in Call of Duty is embracing that which isn’t the most popular. Through lengthy discussions on the forum and playing with hundreds of different players I’ve learned the hard what my best playstyle is. It’s important for anyone who wants to be better player to go out there and not be afraid of failing. If you’re stuck as questions, if you want some help inquire, and most importantly have fun.


AR: Since the Activision Rewards program started, you've consistently been at the top of the Rewards Leaderboards having earned almost 30,000 Points. How do you do it?

GA: I post a lot and grind out my Points. I can’t say I’ve paid that much attention to Badges and Challenges. I really enjoy discussing and getting into some heated, but very productive, discussions. In college I grew thirst for getting into elenctic arguments and really breaking the game down. When you get into these discussions you can really rack up a lot of posts and Points.

AR: Out of the Rewards Badges you’ve earned, which is your favorite?

GA: I really like the addition of Badges on the forum. I think it’s brought a lot of member together and has really stressed the “community” aspect of the Forum. Stay Classy, Socialite, and Leader of the Pack all drive the community together by giving us reason to like, discuss, and befriend members of the Forum.


AR: Have you written any Guides, Walkthroughs, or FAQs for the Community before?

GA: One thing I have most certainly done is create a lot of guides and walkthroughs. I couldn’t possibly list them all here but my “Ghamorra’s Book of Tactics” series has done quite well and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from them.

AR: What drives you to be so helpful in the Support Section?

GA: It can be really hard not to get sucked into the status quo of Call of Duty. Some players feel forced to play a certain way and it’s my goal to help show players that there’s a great many ways to play Call of Duty and if you’re having trouble finding a playstyle that fits you best my guides might be helpful in finding that right style of play.

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