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Wwii connectivity!! (Support us please!)

Activision Anthology


Smiley SadPlease im a guy who was playing cod since world at war , i live in middle east and i have too many problems with wwii it hasn’t any dedicated servers nearby and i cant find a single game it takes 100 years i live in middle east , there is only bunch of hosts , and they suck their hosts are bad our hosts are bad, please we need a dedicated server nearby or we can just join eu hosts please!!! it takes 100 years to find a single match while im waiting and living in middle east!! We need a dedicated server for ranked-play!!! And im playing just cause of the mlg!! I cant play anything cause it takes 100 years the reason why i didn’t sell wwii is just cause of MLG ! 




Note ; please figure out and fix this thing all i need is to play ranked with good people from eu , and a dedicated servers or eu hosts cause its ***** while u wait 100 years to find an arabian guy hosts and at the end u get 1 bar while i live in middle east and the arabian guy lives in ksa while you live nearby and cnxn sucks. Help us please.

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Registered: ‎02-12-2017
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